Thursday, May 24, 2007

Swingin' in the sky

This last picture (by Irene) is great because you can see all three kids (Thomas in front, Kelvin and Lena behind) in the swings on the bottom right of the pic.

In my opinion, this is the scariest ride in the whole park! It freaks me out! I can't ride it any more because I'm always afraid the chains will give way to my enormous weight and throw me to the trees! ;-)
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Farris Wheel

The four older kids agreed to go on this mini Farris Wheel to warm Emili up to the idea of going on rides. It was suuuuper slow, but they were all very good sports and Emili ended up liking it enough to try other rides afterwards.

These were taken on our (rainy) day at Tusenfryd theme park in Norway on May 18th.

Carousel Ride

Lena, Kelvin, Thomas and Emili riding the Carousel at Tusenfryd.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Emili's motorcycle ride

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Tusenfryd fun

Kelvin must be having a good time. He has cotton candy remains on his face! :)

Thomas look a bit skeptical. Is that cotton candy really a trap?

Finally I found a picd where Lena looks happy! Yay! :)

Emili loves the bumper cars!

More snapshots

As you can see, I need a shave. This is the only pic of me in the batch so I had to add it.:)

This is Irene trying to give me her best "serious look" glare for the picture. Kind of daring me to take the pic. ;-)

Thomas is happy and ready for our trip the "Tusenfryd" theme park, which we visited on May 18th.

Kelvin and Amy being nationalistic (is that a word?) holding a Norway flag.
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May 17th parade and after

Irene leads the whole parade! The woman next to Irene is mother to Stina in Kelvin's class.

These are the graduates, called "Russ" (pernounced roo-ss) drunk as skunks on their fancy drinking wagon.

Irene loves Amy! And Thomas loves his mom! :)
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Emili's May 17th

Emili with her best friend Ruben (above) and two of her kindergarden friends wearing bunads, their Norwegian national dresses (below).

Emili and Ruben walked in front of the whole group during the parade. Ruben held the class banner.

In the last pic, Emili is worn out and ready for bed. She is looking at one of her favorite books, "The little prince", written by a french author.

She sleeps in the bottom bunk with Thomas above her and Kelvin in the same room but in his own bed.

Natalie and class on May 17th

Lena Natalie and her class during the May 17th celebration at Steiner school. In the last picture, Lena is in a booth selling soda and ice-cream to raise money for the school.

Kelvin May 17th

Kelvin and some of his classmates on May 17th, Norway's national holiday! :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Thomas' note to God

Yesterday in Sunday School, the kids were asked to write a note to God, asking about anything they might wonder about.

"Dear God, I wonder if you are true. I love you, God?"

It touched me to the very core.

Emili says

This happens a lot. Emili speaks English with a few Norwegian words thrown in here and there. Sometimes with humorous results.

"Can you hell for me?"

Helle = pour

She wants me to pour some juice into her cup. Cute! :)