Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Kelvin's first piano lesson

I guess it would have been more correct to say this is Kelvin after his first piano lesson, playing the piece of music he just learned to read.

He does a pretty good intro, but it may be hard to make out all that he is saying. He says this is the first song he has learned "from a book". The piece is called "The woodchuck", like the famous tongue twister.

Kelvin Casts New Years Magic

These were taken last night in our front yard. Kelvin looks like he's casting a spell on baby Amy in that last picture!


All Five Kids Together

These were taken today. Left to right: Kelvin (10), Thomas (8), Lena (12), Amy (5 months) and Emili (5).

Amy's First Teeth!

Here's a short video of me trying to get a shot of Amy's brand new teeth. She turned 5 months this day (New Years Eve) and had two teeth break through!

Kelvin decorates the tree

This was filmed on my birthday, 22 December 2006.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Emili plays with baby Amy

Emili loves to play hold and play with her baby sister. Yesterday Amy was 5 months old! She actually cut her first two teeth too. I'll try to post pics of that later.

For now enjoy this cute video of Emili posing for the camera with baby Amy. (She keeps saying "Cheese!" because she thinks I am going to take a picture. She doesn't realize I am recording a video.)

Cutie! :)

Midnight New Years Fireworks Video

Part 2 of 2 videos I recorded from our balcony last night. (Scroll down or click here for part one.)

It was exactly midnight and the New Year had just begun! Fireworks galore! I wish you could see all the amazing fireworks. They were EVERYWHERE!

New Years fun for Thomas and Emili




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More cute family photos





Here are some more cute family photos taken today, New Years Day 2007! :)
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This is 1 of 2 videos I took of the view from our veranda last night (New Years).

What an awesome sight! I wish the video did it justice!

New Years Kids





Just a shot of each kid on New Years day. (Picasa only lets me post 4 pics at a time or there would be more here.)

Today we talked about New Years resolutions, played some games, played outside and played with Star Wars toys.

Kelvin started taking piano lessons (from Irene, his mom). He is doing well and I hope he continues. He seems to enjoy it so far. :)
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More New Years Fireworks

Some more fireworks from our balcony and a shot of the kids with sparklers in our front yard.

Happy New Years!! :)



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New Year Fireworks

The view from our veranda last night at midnight: