Monday, April 28, 2014

Family updates

It looks like it has been more than six years since my last update. I blame Facebook for most of this, but I want to let any readers know what has happened in the last six years.

Shortly after Lena's birthday party post (almost makes me cry to think back that far) I lost my faith in Mormonism. My Mormon wife completely freaked out about this and began treating me very differently. I guess she thought that I had suddenly become a bad person since I no longer went to church. I tell all about this painful story in an interview I did for Mormon Expression Voices podcast. The story ends with me moving out and eventually getting a divorce. The wife would have nothing to do with me once I no longer shared her faith. To me that seems cultish, but I guess that's what kind of hold a religion can have on some people.

Lena is now 19 and has graduated high school. She is working at a daycare and saving money to move into her own place.

Kelvin (17) has one more year left of school. He and Thomas (15) live with me at Majorstuen in Oslo, Norway.

Emili (12) will hopefully soon move in with me but currently lives with her mum.

Amy (soon 8) lives with her mum and for some reason doesn't want much to do with me. I am guessing it is her mother's influence, or her relatives (mother's side) or church influence. But I figure some day she will come around and figure out what she is missing. Hopefully it won't cause her to hate her mother too much.

I started a production company, making films and music. It's fun but so far only a hobby.

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