Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Parental internet tips for surfing kids

I found this interesting, informative presentation about how to raise your children with healthy internet habits:


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Amy stumbles around

Amy's first steps

Amy takes her first steps. This is from about a month ago, right after her first birthday.

Best Practices for Form Design

I found this on the web and was very impressed with the presentation. Great tips and design patterns for online forms! :)

Thomas' 9th birthday pics!

Thomas had a birthday party with a pirate theme. The kids divided into two groups (5 girls vs. 5 boys) and each designed their own pirate flag.

Here are some pics of the groups holding their flag, and of Thomas pirate ship birthday cake that Irene and I made out of chocolate cake and frosting.

Kelvin dressed up as a pirate ghost and the kids had to "swordfight" him to find out where the hidden treasure (chocalate coins) were hidden.

Thomas Birthday song!

Thomas invited his whole class (10 kids came) to his 9th birthday party! Here they all sing to him in English: