Monday, January 01, 2007

More New Years Fireworks

Some more fireworks from our balcony and a shot of the kids with sparklers in our front yard.

Happy New Years!! :)



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Joyce Harris said...

I see another lady there in the back ground with Irene, was her family there with you on New Years eve? Wow you sure had a lot of beautiful fireworks, so impressive indeed. warm hugs from USA, Far Mar

Richard of Norway said...

In that last picture you see Lena and Irene in the back. No other people are present other than the kids and Irene and me.

It may look like two adults if Irene was moving when I took the picture because the shutter stays open so long for these night shots. If you move it makes you look like a ghost.

Joyce Harris said...

ohhhhhhh ok, thanks, I come visit your blog several times a day, I love looking at the pictures and to play the videos over and over. It gives me a sence of being part of your life, sorta, warm hugs I love you my son.