Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Kelvin Casts New Years Magic

These were taken last night in our front yard. Kelvin looks like he's casting a spell on baby Amy in that last picture!



Richard Harris, Sr. said...

I love this!!! It is so incredible. I want one. I really love the stuff you've sent me in e-mails, but this format is even better! I'll keep coming here to catch a piece of my Norway family.
We miss you and this helps bridge the gap.

Joyce Harris said...

my goodness, this looks impressive in deed. Looks like you had a nice New Year Party thing going on with the family. Wish we could have been able to beam over for it. I was working but was able to get off at 12:30am so I could join the family for a game and hang a bit before we went home at 2 am, what a night. The family had dinner at Tamara's new home and then stayed to bring in the New Year. We love you so much. Thanks for putting these videos on your blog. so we can sorta be part of your doings. Warm hugs, Mom