Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years fun for Thomas and Emili




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Joyce Harris said...

Oh what fun! These look longer than the ones we have here in USA. Looks like you had a wonderful time on New Years. All of you look so wide awake, I reamember some of our children not able to stay awake wating for the New Year to come. Warm hugs in USA from Far Mar

Richard of Norway said...

I love the way Thomas looks like he's singing in that first picture! Haha!

These were taken on New Years Day (Jan 1st) not Eve. That's why they look awake. It's only like 6 or 7 pm.

We had some left over fireworks from the night before. These sparklers are the "extra long" ones. You can also buy regular ones, like they have in the states. Usually we get both.

This year we also got some colored ones which sparkle in colors; Green, Red, Blue, etc. They give off a lot more smoke however.

Joyce Harris (Far Mar) said...

ohhhhhh no wonder they are so awake. They sure had a great time with the sparklers. We do not have those long ones here in USA that I know of any way. They sure are awesome! Thanks again Son for doing such a great job keeping up your blog. I love to come visit and see the videos over and over. I enjoy the pictures of your family also. I can hardly believe the children are growing up so fast. Emily looks so cute, hard to believe she is 5 already. Warm hugs From Far Mar in USA