Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jedi costumes

Today I finally got my Jedi costumes in the mail! They are hand-made by a friend of mine, Simon Poon from Singapore. Check out if you're in the martket.

They are much much nicer if you can see them in natural light. The flash brightens the colors more than it should. The pants and tunic are both darker. Beige and brown.
Here is the outfit without the robe. Notice the belt with comlink puch and energy capsules. (I forgot to latch on my lgihtsaber!)
Here is Kelvin wearing the Dark Anakin costume. It is really made for my size, so it's obviously way to big for him but I wanted him to try it on to see how he looked in it. I'll post some pics with me wearing it later.

In this pic my hair is all sweaty because I had just taken off a full head mask (Darth Maul).
Here's a shot of the side view. This is the Obi-Wan tunic but I am wearing Anakin boots and robe because I thought they looked cooler. (They were a darker brown than the ones Simon makes for the Obi costume.) Posted by Picasa

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Joyce Harris said...

Richard, I love your costumes, what a great job he did of making them. WoW they are so nice. I am really impressed. You both look so good in them too.