Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Google does Edvard Munch!

If you visit Google today you will see the above picture instead of their regular logo. Cool huh!! :)

(Clicking the picture does a search for Edvard Munch.)

Gotta love Google for giving kudos to the Norwegian artist!

He was born 12 december 1863, so today would have been his 143rd birthday!

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Joyce Harris said...

wow that is so neet!!Google has some class. I love to check out your site. I go back often to see the pic of Amy and the children, I love to play that little video of Thomas's play. its so cute. I love you my son, keep up the good work, you are loved lots. we put up our tree today, and I put up lights on all the bushes in front of the house, ALL of them. we are really going to bright up the neighborhood. warm hugs, Mom