Monday, April 23, 2007

Dagens horoskop

Today my daughter read my horoscope to me and for once it suited me well:
Du kan oppdage en lit tvilsom side ved en venn eller kollege i dag. Dine kommentarer og skrevne ord kan fort bli tillagt mye større vekt en vanlig, så vær forsiktig med hvordan du uttryker deg.

You may discover a doubtful side of a friend or collegue today. Your comments and written words can quickly be given more credence than usual, so be careful how you express yourself.

...but it's a day late.

Yesterday Irene became quite offended by something I said or did. Or wrote. I can't remember which.

And Lena's was also suitable for her:
En ny sak kan komme til å ta mye lenger tid enn beregnet. Energien er heller ikke helt på topp, så pass på å få slappet godt av i kveld.

Something new may take much more time than planned. Your energy is not up to par, so be sure to relax well tonight.

And today Lena is sick! No way! It knows her!

Not only that but this could suit Lena nearly every day since she almost always misjudges how much time she needs to alot for things.

Lena and I are both sick today in fact. I am working from Homw and Lena is "relaxing" home from school. Let's hope we get well soon. :)


Joyce Harris said...

My Son,
Give Iren a hug for me, I get offended lots by your father, and most of the time he did not mean to offend me. I have to ask my self, did he mean to hurt me? Was that his intent? I am get hurt easily so this helps me to handle the times he had no idea he hurt me, or did not intend to do so. I find it easy to forgive him when I realize he did not really mean to hurt my feelings. We all have times when we say or do things we are not proud of. Times when we are less sensitive to each others feelings. Life is hard, we have to deal with rude people in the world, and sometimes its easy, too easy to come home and dump on the family. I am praying for you and your sweet family. I know there are days less then perfect, we all have them. I also know there are wonderful days. Hold on to the memory of the good days, and work together to make more good memories to hold on too. Life is short, we need to be more kind to each other, as President Hunter said. Everyone can be more kind, the children to each other, and to there parents. We all can be better, and treat each other with more kindness and consideration, and forgiveness when we fall short and say and do things we are ashamed of. I love you, hang in there, warm hugs, You are not alone. Mom

Joyce Harris said...

Lena, I am so sorry you are not feeling well, I hope you get to feel better soon. Take care of yourself, and get lots of rest. I hope you feel better soon also my son, I am praying for both of you and for the family, I love you, Mom, and Far Mar to Lena ;)