Friday, April 27, 2007

Norway: Murderer gets 30 days in prison

I can't believe this story that I read in the local newspaper (Romerikes blad) today.

Basically, some inexperienced truck driver was annoyed by a driver in front of him who was driving uneven speeds and decided to pass him. He was driving a looong truck (2 trailers long) with over 20 tons freight.

He ended up killing the driver and passanger by entering the lane again BEFORE he had passed the car completely!

So what does he get? 30 days in prison (assigned to 60 but allowed to go after half) and loses his drivrs license for 5 weeks! That's it!

Regardless of the Judge who said he showed clearly irresponsible driving and that the deaths were because he was careless and did not follow standard driving procedures.

Two people die and 5 others badly injured because of some careless moron and he gets a slap on the wrist.

What a country! Gotta love Norway. :)

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