Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Family portrait time

Finally we took the time to pose for a family portrait. This was our belated attempt to make Christmas cards, in January 2006.

From the back, we have Emili (4), Thomas (7), Kelvin in the middle with toungue out (9), and Lena Natalie in the front (11). Irene and I are parents so we can keep our ages a secret (35 and 30-ish)! ;)

This picture is taken on the staircase of our home in Flateby. The home is now sold, and we have one month to move out and hand the keys over to the new owners. We sold it for just under $300,000 (1,960,000 Norwegian Crowns/Kroner). Posted by Picasa

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Joyce Harris, (Farmar) said...

Wow!! what a wonderful family picture! thanks for making this blog, I love that we can now see your family pictures, good job my son, we love you. What a good looking family you have.