Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kelvin the concert violinist

Kelvin Alexander (9) loves music.

He is learning the reed flute and the violin at school. So far, he can only show us the correct way to hold it. :) Posted by Picasa


Richard of Norway said...

I have to confess I wish I made this picture a bit larger. I was expiramenting with Picasa settings, and selected "small" instead of "medium" for both this picture, and the one before it of Emili.

I have learned my lesson and will no longer select anything below medium unless it's relatively insignificant.

Farmar said...

Way to go Kelvin! so proud of you! hope you keep it up, your Great grandfather was a band director and would be so proud that you are into music. warm hugs from farmar in USA, we love you sweetie!