Sunday, March 19, 2006

Good Night, and Good Luck

Good Night, and Good LuckA couple days ago I finally got the chance to watch George Clooney's Good Night, and Good Luck. It immediately rose to my Top-5 list of last year, and within my Top-30 or so of all time. An excellent film about how TV journalist Edward R. Morrow brought down Senator Joseph McCarthy from his Communist-witch-hunts in the early 1950's.

Edward R. Morrow
Summary: "In the early 1950’s, McCarthy was destroying people’s careers and lives as he fanatically sought to expose Communists in America during the Cold War. Murrow and his devoted CBS staff defied Congressional intimidation, corporate pressure, and concern for their own careers to use Murrow’s “See It Now” TV broadcasts to enlighten the public about the deceptions and abuse-of-power tactics behind McCarthy’s “witch-hunts.” Though the conflict effectively ended both men’s careers, Murrow took his place in history as a stirring example of the media’s power to protect the public good."
If you haven't seen it yet, rent or buy this film now! An inspirational story that should be seen by everybody interested in politics and media.

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