Thursday, March 16, 2006

Self snapshot

To be fair to my wife, whose picture I have plastered all over this blog, I decided I better add a close-up shot of myself. Although this is not entirely flattering, it's the best I could find of recent photos.

This was taken on November 30th, 2005, and is the most recent shot I have. I have neither gained nor lost any weight since then, so I look pretty much the same today, 3½ months later. ;) Posted by Picasa

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Joyce Harris said...

You are a handsome young man, looking good my son, warm hugs, we love you very much!
I am not sure how you do all you do, being a father of 4 that in its self is a full time job with your active children, work so hard at your job, and have your Herry Potter site to keep up, that is doing very well also. And work on this one, wow, you are awesome!