Thursday, March 16, 2006

Five hours hiding in a bathroom

Thomas (7) was supposed to go skiing with the other 2nd-graders today but decided to hide in the school lavitory instead.

When Irene (his mom) arrived after school to pick him up, she couldn't find him in the classroom. Other students from his class said Thomas had been hiding in the bathroom all day, and was still there.

Irene confronted the teacher who professed to have only just discovered that he was there. She was apparantly unaware that he had been there all day and thought he had been home from school.

This picture was taken on Thomas' first day of school (August 2005). His countenance was not so bright today when he came home. "I hate going to school late" was his excuse for the bathroom visit. But he failed to see that he was only late because of fighting not to get his ski-clothes on before going to school this morning.

Solution: No TV before school and an earlier bedtime. He agreed that going to class would be much better than smelling the toilets for five hours. Posted by Picasa

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Farmar said...

OH, Poor Thomas, that must have been a misserable day for him, too bad he missed out on the activity with his class. sorta makes you wonder about his teacher. gee if the children knew where he was, why not her? strange.
and why did they not let her know where he was. scratching head. Warm hugs we love you, your Mother,